Cons Near U: August Anime Conventions of 2017!!

Sorry this post is so short, but we’re here to announce some awesome anime conventions for you to check out this month from our Cons Near U page! Today we’ve got conventions for you located in the Northeast, Southwest, Southbound, and Westbound regions of North America. Be sure to check out the links on those pages for tickets, hotel locations, and more! 🙂

Miscellany Monday: Dough-Boys and Breadwinners!!

So here we are again anime fans, as we prepare for yet another week filled with work, responsibilities, and anime. Hopefully lots, and lots of anime! We of course continue doing what we do best as we bring you some more great lesser known anime titles, that some believe shouldn’t have been snubbed from mainstream. We also wanna let you guys know, that we’ve created a new page known as D&A’s Review Schedule, where fans can see what new titles we have scheduled for review on most of our popular segments; such as Miscellany Monday, and D&A Friday’s. With all that being said let’s take a look at what we’ve got baking in the anime review oven for Monday night…


If you’re looking for a series about baking bread, and what the true definition of what a breadwinner is, then check out this anime title known as Yakitate!! Japan! The story follows Kazuma Azuma on his noble quest to create a special bread for Japan called ‘Ja-pan’. He makes his way to Tokyo in order to enhance his skills and expand his horizons at Pantasia, a popular bread-making chain in Japan. The title of the series is actually a pun using the words ‘yakitate’ (which means freshly-baked), and ‘pan’ from the word Japan (which means bread). If you’re familiar with Food Wars then you’re gonna love this anime title. You can stream it on Crunchyroll and FunimationNow, or you can also find it on Youtube.

With a new month brings new anime conventions all across the U.S. region. We’re going to be updating our regional locations under our Cons Near U drop down page, so you can find the anime con that’s closest to you! Don’t forget, on August 18-20th we’ll be making our way to Allentown, PA for the fourth stop on our 2017 anime convention tour; SaikouCon 2017!! We’re hoping to see you guys there! 🙂