D&A Anime Blog: Countdown to SaikouCon & Monday Anime Titles!!

Now that Otakon has passed, most of us are now feeling the dreaded PCB (Post-Convention Blues). It’s that 24-hour feeling that you get when you realize that all of the responsibilities that you ditched during your anime convention weekend, have now come back to bite you ten-fold. (Ouch! >.<) Not to worry though, cause your good friends at D&A have got the cure! So let’s get started with some lesser-known anime titles that’ll take a little bit of the dread from PCB, and get you back to the happy fun-lovin’ otaku you were during the con!


If you’re looking for something a little different in your fantasy anime, then look no further than Kemono no Soja (aka The Beast Player)! The story is about a ten-year-old girl named Erin, who lives with her mother in a village known as Ake in the Alhan region. She has a great love for animals, including the Touda; dragon-like creatures that are used for war. One day one of the strongest one’s mysteriously dies, and because Erin’s mother was charged with taking care of it while it was alive, she has been sentenced to death and is then eaten by a wild Touda despite the fact that Erin tried to save her.

Later in the story Erin is adopted by a beekeeper and learns about the “King of Beasts”, the Ouju. After befriending and caring for a baby Ouju named Lilan, Erin finds herself in the middle of a civil conflict between the region of Alhan, and the region of Yoje. If this is a series for you, then you can stream it on FunimationNow or Crunchyroll. (Or you can watch it on Youtube!)

We’re counting down the days before we make our way to Allentown, PA for SaikouCon 2017! Leah Clark (Soul Eater as Blair) and R. Bruce Elliott (Captain Ginyu and Lord Slug from Dragon Ball Z) will be there all weekend, so if you’re looking for a way to end the summer off right, then you’re gonna wanna head to SaikouCon!

Until then my anime friends! 🙂