Throwback Thursday: The 90’s come rollin’ in like a Rock!

And roll they shall! We’re back on this awesomely cool Thursday night with some anime classics that old school otaku have come to know, and love. Tonight we take a trip back into the 90’s decade of the Throwback Thursday timeline, where titles like Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z broke ground and reshaped the anime world as we know today. Looking for a classic anime series that follows a different path that other anime story lines? Then Seraphim Call might be the show for you! Are you scouting for some classic romance and magical girl titles? Then why not check out a little series called Saint Tail, and see what it’s all about!

Here’s a quick update! We mentioned in our last youtube video about us starting our D&A 411 segment this coming Saturday, but since we want to give you (the fans) the full experience of having both A. Goldman and Yours Truly on some upcoming youtube video announcements, we’ve decided to debut D&A 411 on the third Saturday of next month. We return with another installment of Anime OVA of the Week tomorrow night, and Saturday get ready for another showdown with your favorite samurai titles, Hall of Fame inductees, and of course Toonami! 🙂

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