Cosplay Nightclubs: Guess What World?! Nerds Turn Up Too!!

Meeting men or women at nightclubs may be the norm for many of us millennials in this modern day and age of dating (plus social media), but what about the percentage of us in America that society has labeled as ‘undateble’ due to ‘their’ standards? Yours Truly has been wondering and pondering about this topic for a few years but never really figured out how to bright it to the forefront.

In the past 20 years or so we nerds and otaku have been portrayed on television as smart and intelligent, but at the same time meek and socially awkward when it comes to finding dates and trying to get girls (and guys). Throughout middle and high school it was hard for me and A. Goldman to find a member of the opposite sex that liked anime and manga as much as we did. Hell, it was even hard for the two of us to even get dates or find other friends.

To your average awkward socialite those four years would suck pretty badly, but trust us when we say this; it gets waaaay better after high school! With anime conventions popping up all over the place as well as an awesome anime community that we look forward to talking to every time we blog about anime, you can finally breathe and be your true self and won’t have to worry about the outside world judging you, or laughing at you because they think you’re too old for cartoons.


Now here comes the reason why I’m writing this filler post; nightclubs for lovers of geeky things like anime, manga, superheroes, and sci-fi are just like going back to high school and being labeled as part of the nerd click. There are a lot of cool things that I’ve noticed since being a part of the anime community; you guys are very kind, very sweet, very supportive, and very protective against internet trolls.

But back to the nightclub thing; nowadays we’ve got nightclubs and events that are dedicated to us nerds, otaku, and even cosplayers! To be honest I’ve never actually been to a cosplay nightclub (and neither has A. Goldman), but after doing some late night Youtube surfing I made a shocking discovery; nerds turn up just as much as normal night-clubbers do! (Dancing, bumping n’ grinding, etc.) Where were these kind of nightclubs when I was in my senior year of high school?!

I’m gonna wrap up this filler post by saying this if you’re an anime fan in middle or high school; hang in there, it gets so much better after grade school, especially if you’re an otaku looking for love! 😉