D&A’s Top 5 Reasons Why Anime Conventions Are Awesome!!

With the third stop in our 2017 mini anime convention tour coming up at the end of this month, we though why not give our Top 5 reasons why we love going to anime cons! There are many of you who have had good and bad experiences at different cons that you may have went to at one point and time, but for us we’re going to focus more on the pros than the cons. (Get it?)


Number 5: They’re Judgement Free!

A. Goldman and myself have been going to Otakon for a total of eight years, and not once have we seen anyone judge a person based on what cosplay they’re wearing. (Or other things to that effect.) Sure, we’ve had our fair share of sighting panty shots and open boobs while attending that convention (among other things that many in the corporate world would deem NSFW), but it’s all in good fun! So when you’re thinking about going to your first anime con, and you’re a bit nervous as to what people may think, don’t worry, there’s no judgement here. And if there is, we’ll send Broly on em’! 😉

Number 4: You Get to meet other Anime Fans!

Growing up for both of us it was hard trying to find other people who liked anime as much as we did, in fact the thought of us liking it was stupid to them. At cons however you get the chance to meet and mingle with other people who are passionate about anime and manga as much as you are. Heck, you might even be able to take cosplay pictures with them too! Connect with an anime blog (like ours) or head to a local meetup group if you’re looking for more people who love going to cons as much as you do. And have fun! 🙂

Number 3: Anime Voice Actors!

Although this one should be number 2, this is the second biggest reason why we love going to anime cons! Who wouldn’t wanna drive 500 miles across three states to see the voice actor who plays Alucard in Hellsing Ultimate? These guys and gals are the reason why we love so many of our favorite anime characters from our favorite shows! The fanbase nowadays is quite amazing, plus a lot of the actors are anime fans themselves.

Number 2: Cosplay!!!

An anime con is not a con without cosplay, because it’s the cornerstone of the entire anime otaku fandom! We of course love cosplay because we get to pose with our favorite characters from our favorite shows (and we’re sure that you feel the same way). Dedicated fans will spend hours and days trying to perfect that perfect cosplay for the character that they’re going out as, plus you even pick up a few sowing and threading skills too! Cosplay plays an important part in anime convention pop culture, and that’s one of the many reasons why anime cons are awesome!

And Finally Number 1: You! The Fans!!

We said it! You guys are the number one reason why we love going to anime cons overall! The other four reasons were part of it but the biggest part of it all is the fandom itself, including you! Your support for the industry is why we have such awesome shows like One-Punch Man, My Hero Academia, and more! You guys even brought back Toonami and helped us reach the heights that we’re currently at now as D&A! Thank you fellow fans, thank you for being so awesome! 🙂

Well that’s it from us. Be sure to check in for some awesome updates coming your way within the coming weeks! Remember, D&A is always a part of you!


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