Shaking Hands and Oral Hygiene: Just Another Friday Night for D&A!

The title of this post is pretty much a dead giveaway for what we’ve got in store for you on this week’s D&A Friday’s! As always we make sure we work our butts off to bright you the latest and greatest of anime and manga titles, and new to the scene, anime OVA titles. We’ve taken a small break from posting some manga reviews for the moment just so we can (hopefully) build up some popularity with our Anime OVA of the Week page under our drop down menu for D&A Friday’s. If you’re looking for an anime title that deals with forming duos and gaining powers through the mind of one’s psyche, then Hand Shakers may be the title for you! Looking for a series about battling against the everyday (twice a day) villain that hides in your teeth? Then scrape the plaque of your butt n’ check out an OVA/ONA series called The Dragon Dentist!

Tomorrow night marks another exciting night with Toonami, the final season of the Cartoon Network classic; Samurai Jack, and of course us with our weekly weekend segment you know as Slash Saturday! Plus we continue with our mini anime convention tour with our third stop: Zenkaikon in Lancaster, PA! If you ever find yourself at any of the remaining anime conventions on our tour list, be sure to check us out and stop n’ take a picture with us!

Be sure to follow us on all of our social media pages to see what we’ve been up to, and continue to support the voice actors in the industry that make us laugh, cry, and feel oh-so kawaii, with their amazing voicing talents. D&A, it’s a part of you! 🙂