Pardon Our Dust (The Return)…

Hey anime and manga fans! Once again we at D&A Anime Blog wanna thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and support that we’ve been getting from the blog recently. For the next couple of days or so, we’ll be doing some mild renovating of our site to make it awesome and exciting for newcomers, as well as returning our fans.

As for what’s good on our side of the tracks; we’re gearing up for our third stop on our D&A mini anime convention tour, as there will be a new cosplay page added to our Cosplay Hall drop down menu within a few weeks. If you’ve been following us on our Facebook and Twitter pages, we’ve mentioned that we’re currently working on getting some electronic music production equipment (laptop, MIDI controller keyboard, etc.) so that we can have the ability to introduce a new music playlist feature for the blog.

We’ve also noticed that when we’ve been doing our WordPress posts on the blog, that while many of them are good to read and rather informative, then ten to lack in deeper and exclusive detail. As our promise to you (the fans) we plan on making our posts a little bit lengthier, so that we can give both old fans and new fans the full D&A experience! We apologize for not being able to bring you our anime title picks for our Throwback Thursday and D&A Friday’s segments this week, but since we’ll be at Zenkaikon next week, we’ll only be able to give you guys some reviews on some classic anime titles on Thursday. (We’ll make it up to you the following Friday.)

Saturday night is another awesome night of Toonami, and a chance to redeem ourselves during our Slash Saturday segment. Until then, stay golden and keep on making anime and D&A, a part of you! 😉