D&A Friday’s: Anime OVA of the Week Has Arrived!!

It’s finally here!! The newest addition to our D&A Friday’s segment has finally made its official debut tonight! We unfortunately didn’t get the chance to do our weekly Throwback Thursday segment like we had hoped, but we plan to make it up to you guys next week! Our Manga of the Week segment will be taking a backseat for a few weeks while we prepare for more new site updates (as well as build up some popularity with our newest page). It will make its return on the second Friday in June.

We’ve got some exciting news regarding the blog as far as updates are concerned. Coming this summer, we’re going to have a little anime couple’s page that’s going to be apart of Miscellany Monday segment this June. We’re also working on a way to bring you guys the latest and greatest news from us, FUNimation, Crunchyroll, and all the other North American Anime Distribution companies in an upcoming monthly newsletter! There will be more details about that coming soon. We haven’t forgotten about this month’s anime conventions that are happening every weekend, so be sure to check back in before the end of next week! All this and more as we thank you for making D&A, a part of you! 😉

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