Sweetly And Simply Spellbound…

If your Monday’s have been rather sour to you, then allow us to be your sweet treat for escaping the ugh! moments of the beginning of the week! starting off this sweet ride will be a double scoop of our Miscellany Monday segment, with some lesser-known anime titles and Japanese treats for you to check out! Do you have a craving for any and all things CLAMP? Then check out our title pick for our Anime of the Day segment known as XxxHolic! Wanna dive into something sweet from the land of the rising sun? Then send your taste buds on a journey by trying out this delectable treat called Anmitsu!

Later this week and possibly the next, we’ll be bringing you some awesome anime conventions for you to check out this month on our Cons Near U page! Don’t forget that this Friday will mark the debut of our newest addition to the D&A Friday’s family known as Anime OVA of the Week! Be sure to check in for more updates on what we’ve got coming to the blog, as well as the status of our third stop on our mini anime convention tour! D&A, it’s a part of you! 😉

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