The 80’s Strike Back On Thursday Night!!

Hello once again anime fans to yet another Throwback Thursday night! This time around we return to a well known decade: the 80’s! Back then mecha anime titles were all the rage aside from other genres that were soon to become popular. (*cough* Magical girls *cough*) If you’re on the hunt for a classic anime title about robots fighting in an alternate universe that resembles that of King Arthur times, then check out a little series known as Aura Battler Dunbine! Looking for a series about a young boy looking for his lost mother? Then how about checking out this classic 80’s title called Belle and Sebastian.

Tomorrow will be St. Patrick’s Day, so make sure you bring out everything you own that’s green! (Including your underwear! *chuckles*) Tomorrow also marks the 20th anniversary of the greatest action-packed anime block there is. That’s right guys, Toonami will be turning 20 years old Friday March 17, 2017! Can you believe that it’s been 20 whole years since Toonami made its debut on our airwaves? who knows what Toonami Tom’s got planned for us this Saturday night.

Well guys, come back on Friday for our weekly D&A Friday’s segment as always. And remember, D&A is always a part of you! 😉

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