Coffee & Table Tennis: This is what D&A Mondays Are All About!

Many of us like to make that little trip to Starbucks or any coffee place of your choice every Monday morning, but why not spice it up with a lil’ bit of Jell-O? That’s right anime fans! It’s yet another Monday night filled with some lesser-known anime titles and some delicious Japanese snacks straight outta Tokyo! Love the sport of table tennis? Then check out this little series known as Ping-Pong! (Aaron Dismuke’s in it! ^.^) Wanna put a little spin into your Monday morning coffee? Then why not chug down some Coffee Jelly that you can find here, in Japan, or you can make right at home!

We’ve been doing a little brainstorming about what new segments we can bring to the blog to keep the fire and desire going. So far we plan on doing a new weekly youtube segment known as D&A Recap, where we recap some things that have taken place both on the blog and as well as what’s new at FUNimation and Crunchyroll (plus inform you on some new updates too). If there’s something new that you want to see on the blog, let us know on our Contact Us page! 🙂

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