There’s The Deadly Six, and Then There’s The Seven Deadly Sins…

It must be Friday if we’re making a Lost World reference to this post heading, right? Just like a person being revived by the dragon balls, we have returned with some anime and manga goodies for you to check out! Feeling foxy? Then swoon your way to this awesome manga title known as Foxy Lady! Wanna know what makes the seven deadly sins so deadly? Then check out this anime title known as the Seven Deadly Sins; a big favorite of our Co-Founder A. Goldman! At the beginning of next week we’ll start posting some upcoming anime conventions for the month of March, then in April we’re back on the road again as D&A makes its way to Nipponcon 2017 in Westminster, MD, and then to Zenkaikon 2017 in Lancaster, PA.

There’s so much going on between now and the first day of spring (plus Easter/Spring Break), so be sure to stick around for all the updates we’ve got planned for the blog this 2017 year!! 😉

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