The 80’s Marching In On Throwback Thursday! (Plus Updates!!)

Long time no see, right? This is our first Throwback Thursday since our return from Animore last week, so with that in mind we’ve got some updates for ya! After tonight our 80’s and 90’s Anime of the Week editions for our Throwback Thursday segments, will only have two anime title reviews instead of three, in order to keep the nostalgia going and lasting just a lil’ bit longer. We’re also still constructing our Toonami legacy drop down menu, so we’ll continue to keep you posted on its latest developments.

From February 6th through February 18th of 2017, we’ll be taking a two week hiatus from the blog/site to work on our upcoming fanfiction; Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai S. Until then we’ll continue our regularly scheduled program, which is and will always remain, in progress! 😉

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