Ghost Stories of the Edo Period! The Return of Slash Saturday!!

After what was a two week hiatus on this weekend segment of the blog/site, we have returned with some more samurai anime titles as well as our inductees for our male and female samurai Hall of Famers. Dive into the ghastly mystery of the spooky stories surrounding Japan’s samurai era in Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Stories, or check out our past and current inductees in our male and female division of our Hall of Fame.

When it comes to giving reviews on what shows to check out we’re on our P’s and our Q’s, though to this very day even we don’t exactly know what that means. February’s less than a couple days away, so get ready for some old and new anime conventions that will be comin’ your way through our Cons Near U page. If you haven’t gotten the chance to check out our fan fiction page yet you’ll notice that we now have two upcoming fanfics on the way; Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai S, and Danganronpa: Total Chaos & Utter Despair. 2017 is just getting started with us as the first month draws towards a close, but one thing’s for sure, D&A will continue to strive towards being the best anime blog/site on the web! 🙂