Happy National DJ Appreciation Day!!!

We at D&A Anime Blog wanna give a grandmaster shout out to all the DJs and DJ/Producers out there, who are making and spinning all of the music that we have grown so fond of. Whether you’re an EDM hit-maker or a Top 40 master mixer, you’re the reason why the music we listen to has brought us closer together as a people and as a whole. (Of course as the Founder of D&A, my time as an aspiring DJ/Producer is coming very soon!)

So to all the Bassnectars, the Aviciis, the Grandmaster Flashes, and the Skrillexes of the world, we say thank you! Thank you for keeping us on the dancefloor, and keeping the heartbeat of music alive and kickin’! HAPPY DJ APPRECIATION DAY!! 🙂

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