Animore Was AWESOME!!! :)

What a great con!! We at D&A just want to thank all of the staff that handled Animore 2017! There was so much love and so much respect for each other that both A. Goldman and Yours Truly, could just cry (anime) tears of joy. Shout outs to all the vendors, all the artists, all the voice actors, and of course…all the fans!

A new page known as the Animore Cosplay Mosaic has now been created on the blog, so if you want to check out your cosplay pics, be sure to check that page out! We’ll also be working on the video highlights of the con as well as the pages for The Legacy page, so stay tuned for that! You guys are the reason why D&A Anime Blog even exists, and for that, WE THANK YOU!!! 🙂