It May Be The New Year…But Old School Never Dies!

We’ve all heard that saying, “Everything old becomes new again” right? Well the same can be said about our Throwback Thursdays, cuz we’re still goin’ strong! This week we return to the 90’s decade where such classics like Sailor Moon, DBZ, and Cowboy Bebop have paved the way for most (if not many) of the anime titles that we see here today. Normally we’d review three classics from the 90’s, but because were gearing up for our mini anime convention tour as well as creating The Legacy drop down menu, we’ve dialed it down to one.

Next week we kick off our tour at Animore 2017, so our Thursday, Friday, and Saturday segments for next week will be switched to the following week after the con. Tomorrow D&A Fridays return with our first anime and manga title of the new year, and Saturday will bring us the sword-swinging era of Japan; the Edo Period! Until then guys, enjoy the first week of the new year!! 🙂