A Founder’s Review with D.J. Lewis: Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 2!

Hey! Welcome back guys n’ gals! It’s time for another anime episode review from yours truly of D&A Anime Blog; D.J. Lewis! We’re diving into the original anime series Fena: Pirate Princess, as I review the second episode of the series. So strap on yer’ boots and prepare to set sail ya scallywags! (Relax, I’m kidding. Let’s get this party started!)

The Cast

So the second episode opens up with Fena on a boat with Solomun and Otto, as the three of them finally got off the island of Eden. They’re pretty much out in the middle of nowhere as a nasty storm was beginning to brew; only that storm seemed to conjure up an island that appears to be set in the timeline of Edo Japan. The trio along with their dog goes through the cavern’s entrance while seven individuals wearing samurai armor stood atop the hill; including the red armored man from before. Fena and the others make it to a building where the inside looks like a dojo, as a man appears before them named Yukihisa.

After the greetings and conversation they had Yukihisa gives Fena a crystal clear stone, and tells her that only she knows the mystery of it. Sadly after that ‘bonk’ to her head by Yukimaru Fena doesn’t really have a clue about the stone, or even why her late father gave it to Yukihisa. So it looks like Fena’s father died during the raid ten years ago after Yukimaru cut the rope and sent her out to sea, but never got to finish his main voyage. That evening Fena is still trying to figure out what Yukihisa meant about her discovering what the clear stone’s true purpose is, but again, she has no clue…for now.

The next day she’s met by a girl named Karin, who shows her around town as she tells her about the stuff she’s designed and even invented. However, Fena’s attention span is that of a squirrel, as she dashes off to explore her new surroundings. She’s meets another man named Mokuba; along with Tsubaki, two rather annoying twins (one of which is named Kaede), and an archer. Y’know how I’m good with faces but names are kinda difficult to remember only if I’ve known you for a long time, well this is one of those times where I know the character’s faces but once in a while I might forget their name – because I watch and review a lot of anime and tend to get my shows mixed up sometimes. Woof! XP

By the end of the episode Yukihisa tells Fena that his family would protect her father’s descendants and orders the seven individuals from before; including Yukimaru, to go on a voyage and uncover the mystery behind the crystal stone. Now Fena finds herself picking up where her father’s voyage left off with her new crew of samurai pirates on a ship/submarine (but it resembles more of a submarine).

The first episode was an introduction to Fena herself while the second one gives us an introduction of the rest of the cast. Her brand new voyage begins as she has a crew to back her up in case of any issues with other pirates, while Otto and Solomun stay behind and wish Fena a safe return. So yeah, that’ll wrap up my review on episode number two! Until next post, stay nerdy and Happy Halloween! 😉

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