A Founder’s Review with D.J. Lewis: Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 1!

Yo! What’s good anime fam? In case you don’t know who I am, I’m D.J. Lewis; representing one-half of this two-man operation known as D&A Anime Blog! I’m also the guy who’s the head writer for the blog as well as all of the many nerd-centric posts that I’ve written in the past 5 years. Instead of doing the usual Anime REvisited posts that I’ve done for past titles, I’ve taken control through a new anime review series called “A Founder’s Review with D.J. Lewis”! But enough about me, let’s dive into the Crunchyroll/Adult Swim original series; Fena: Pirate Princess!

Fena: Pirate Princess

I had the chance to check out the trailer for this original series, and when I found out that it was being produced by Crunchyroll and Adult Swim (with the animation by Production I.G.), I almost fell outta my chair. I know that many fans have been craving something a little different as of late, which is not to say that any anime titles that are new or renewed are not worth watching (more on that later). But once the series made its way to Toonami, I had to give it a shot.

Jumping into the first episode of the series I was treated to the opening scene that took place 10 years before the start of the series. There was a battle going on with cannons being fired, stuff being burned, and people possibly being killed. Fena (probably 7 or 8 years old at the time) was put on a boat by a boy (no older than 9, but could be 10) and was told by a man to make her way to the island of Eden before being hit by something. The boy cut the rope as Fena pretty much disappeared. Then after the opening we’re brought up to present day where Fena (probably about 18 years old now) finds herself about to be married off to one of the rich guys of the town. If anime has taught me anything it’s that ‘those’ guys aren’t exactly gentlemen; they’re dicks!

Fena was chatting with a girl named Angie (who is probably one of the girls working at the bar/brothel, cuz’ that’s what it looked like when I saw it), and devising a plan of escape. Sadly none of her plans was going to work as a couple guys came in and told her that it was time to meet the man she was getting married off to. She had one more plan in her back pocket, but that went south after passing the second floor of the tower. (I guess the bar/brothel was one the lower level I assume.)

When faking like she had the stomach flu didn’t cut it, the guys got upset and tossed her up against the wall and told her that if she didn’t go through with the marriage, she’d be killed. Suddenly she was heroically rescued…by a middle-aged fat man, and an elderly man who looked like he stepped out of one of those 1965 “Mr. Scrooge” cartoon Christmas carol movies. After their flashy entrance Fena discovered that they’re named Solomon and Otto; who happened to be the man on the ship from ten years prior. The trio got the hell out of the tower and made their way East to where Otto said there was a boat they could get on and get away. Too bad none of them had a compass cuz’ they’ve been going the wrong way the whole time, and that was hilarious! XP

Towards the end of the episode Fena and Otto were now in the forest when they were ambushed by a group of men; with one of them knocking Otto unconscious. Her capture didn’t last long; as each of the men were slain by a mysterious figure wearing dark red samurai battle armor and carrying two katana blades that were both sheathed by his side. Fena looked closely at the man who looked quite familiar with her – almost like she’s seen him before (maybe even ten years before). Then it hit her; Fena’s knight in shining red armor was actually the boy named Yukimaru, but before she could even say her name she was ‘bonked’ on the head and laid out on the ground as Yukimaru told her that she was ‘chatty and annoying as ever’.

With this being only a review of the first episode, I was quite interested with the elements that we’re brought in upon my first impression. You definitely feel like this is going to be a high-seas adventure-romance with bouts of comedy, and samurai pirates. It’s a breath of fresh air in terms of creativity, and as far as the plot of the story goes, I’m kinda liking the direction it’s going; although more will probably be revealed later on in the series.

That’s it for my first episode review on Fena: Pirate Princess. You can find this series airing on Toonami; in fact you can see the whole first season coming on Toonami this weekend! Until next time my dudes n’ dudettes, stay nerdy! 😉 

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