A Founder’s Review with D.J. Lewis: Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 3!

Salutations fellow otaku! I have returned with another episode review from the original series; Fena: Pirate Princess. Now that the gang has a ship and has set sail, it’s time for the real adventure to begin! So let’s get to it!

The third episode kicks off with Fena walking through the chambers of the newly crafted ship thanks to Karin’s design; of course a little comical banter between the two occurred when Fena made a comment about the ship’s corridor being too small. (I like keeping the spoilers to a minimum so if you want the full deets you’ll have to watch the episode.) The two met with the others as they were discussing something about the free country of Bar-Barel; where pirates from all over the globe congregate and stop by – mostly from England or other surrounding areas. After the meeting was over it ended up being one of the stops on the crew’s voyage, of course there was one detail that was left out…Yukimaru had to stay on the ship with Brule (Fena’s dog) while Fena, Shiton, Karin, Tsubaki, and the others went into the town of Bar-Barel. Yeah, that sucked but it gets better at the end.

While in town various shenanigans take place; Karin’s running around like a kid in a candy store at the various shops and street vendors, the twins Kaede and Anju are being their ‘usual’ goofy selves, and Shiton was about to get his freak on with a lady on the street until Makuba intervened. Tsubaki told the others it was time to collect supplies for the voyage while they were in town, except Fena and the twins were not with them – pissing off Tsubaki in the process. Kaede and Anju took Fena to a shop where she wanted to try some new clothes, afterwards she really did look very much like a pirate (and a cute one might I add).

Sadly trouble arose when Fena’s ex-fiancée; the creep she was supposed to marry back in the first episode, returned with his own band of pirates who surrounded Fena and the twins. Back at the ship Yukimaru asked the others where Fena was, and though they said she was with the twins he knew something was up, and raced into town to find her. It didn’t take long though, as the twins were fighting off the creep’s pirates with one of the twins complimenting one of the female pirates saying that he’d like to take her out for dinner next time. (That was Anju by the way.) Yukimaru joined the fight and took out the remaining pirates in the area before grabbing Fena and hauling ass back to the ship.

Although his hand got nicked by one of the bullets from one of the pirates who shot him, Yukimaru stated to Fena that it was only a flesh wound, and that she shouldn’t be so reckless. By the end of the episode Tsubaki was so furious at Fena and the twins’ actions that he threw the three of them overboard as punishment. The fact that Fena was a girl did NOT save her from receiving the same punishment as the twins. Although Bar-Barel was their first stop, the adventure for Fena and the crew has only just begun.

Though I’m three episodes into the series, I like the balance of comedy and action in the story a little bit. I know many fans (including my friend A. Goldman) have been craving that in several of the titles that have been released so far, but as far as Fena’s concerned, I like what I’m seeing. The crew comes with various personalities; such as the twins’ annoying and silly persona though they’re skilled fighters who are very close, Karin’s creative spirit who keeps most of the guys in line, Tsubaki who makes sure the crew stays on their mission, Makuba who’s the strength of the crew, and Shiton who’s the pretty boy all the women wanna be with. That pretty much leaves Fena; the MC of the show with a lovable personality and kinda silly herself, and Yukimaru who hasn’t quite accepted his feelings towards Fena just yet. (Hopefully we’ll see that when the story progresses.)

Alright, that’ll end this review on my side of the tracks, but as always there’s more content on the blog to come! 😉

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