Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Bride – Samurai Girls S2 Episode 3!

Hey! Welcome back! It’s time for another review from our pick that is the continuation of our previous pick; Samurai Girls! This one’s all about one character in particular; Kanetsugu! Let’s jump into this thing and see what’s up, shall we?

As the main cast continues to operate the dojo under its maid café name ‘True Shadow’; Kanetsugu thought it would be a good idea for some healthy competition between her and the other girls. (And so she can get rid of Sasuke.) Seems great in theory but when it was time to execute the plan it backfired hard! Should one of the maids come in last place that maid would be kicked out of the dojo, and it looks like Kanetsugu’s gonna be the one voted off the island. To prevent that she would have to step up her maid game, and one way she thought she could do it is to become a master samurai – in her mind.

That evening Muneakira, Sen, and Sanada were talking about the deficit that they were making from today; and that Kanetsugu’s mess-ups were a part of it. Muneakira tried defending Kanetsugu’s actions but he was also aware of her screw-ups, so he left the decision in the hands of Sen and Sanada. The two caught on to what Kanetsugu was trying to do, and told her that not only will she not become a master samurai, but she’s also the reason for the café’s deficit. Heartbroken she packs up her stuff and leaves the dojo unknown the others. When they finally realize that she’s gone, Kanetsugu finds herself in an eerie part of town reminiscent to where Muneakira first met Jubei. Sasuke follows her much to her dismay, as the two of them run into one of the dark samurai; who happens to be possessed by an evil spirit.

Sasuke transforms into her master samurai form and fights against the possessed Araki, but as Kanetsugu watches she realizes that Sasuke is trying to protect her; and that she should do the same. As Kanetsugu enters the fray she’s out powered and outclassed by Araki, as Sasuke runs off to find help; which would come in the form of Muneakira and Jubei. After Araki defeated Kanetsugu she threw her into the water, and Muneakira went after her. The situation looked really bleak as it looked like Kanetsugu wasn’t gonna make it, until Muneakira kissed her and she became a master samurai. After powering up Kanetsugu went after Araki and managed to knock her back into her normal state of mind; to which she replied that she wouldn’t, like, kill her today.

With things looking like they’re back to normal, Muneakira told Kanetsugu that she can stay and help them with the profits of the ‘True Shadow’; now as a full-fledged master samurai!

This episode had a good bit of action to it, and even showed that although she may be the most annoying, Kanetsugu somewhat of as asset to the dojo…in more ways than one! XP

That will do it for this episode review, so until next time, stay nerdy! 😉

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