Anime REvisited: Dagashi Kashi Season One Episode Four Review!

Here we are again! Hopefully you guys are doing okay in the midst of everything that’s going on, as we do our best to try and make you a little less stir crazy, with another Dagashi Kashi episode review via Anime REvisited. This time around we’re on episode four; as we continue to follow Coconuts and the rest of the gang in their affairs of Hotaru getting the former to take over Yo’s candy shop.

What are they up to this time…?

In the past three episodes we’ve seen Hotaru going on a quest to get Coconuts to be the nest in line to run his father’s shop. In both episodes 1 and 2 he wanted to do everything in his power NOT to be the next in line to inherit his father’s legacy, but in the fourth episode we see Coconuts and Hotaru in yet another battle via dasashi, as she continues her onslaught in getting Coco to take on the family business. With Yo out doing who-knows-what Kokonotsu finds himself back at the shop and runs into (you guessed it) Hotaru – who happens to be blindfolded for some reason. She eventually goes on about a dagashi known as Fugashi; a special baked rice snack dipped in brown sugar with many different flavors, as Hotaru challenges Coconuts to a battle to see who can guess the most flavors of Fugashi.

After the battle ended in what I can assume is a draw (at least in my view), Hotaru and Coconuts are now outside the shop as the candy otaku pulls out two packs of caramel heart-shaped candy, with four pieces inside. Hotaru explains that each piece would allow you to run about 300 meters, and with Café Endo 1500 meters away (as well as the place where Coconuts left his manga sketch book) Hotaru and Coco dash off to the café. What started off as a competition turned into a footrace to retrieve Coco’s sketch book – praying that Saya doesn’t see it before he can retrieve it. By the time the two make it to where only 500 meters stands between them and that book, Kokonotsu realizes that there were only four pieces of candy – not five. Really, genius? Now ya tell me!

Luckily Hotaru was a little smarter than that as she tossed the last piece of candy to Coconuts so it’ll give him the energy he needed to make it to the café. He did make it to the café…about five seconds too late. As the sound of a screaming Coconuts was heard, Hotaru was happy that she got a toy watch that was at the bottom of the pack of candy. Yep, this was pretty much the whole episode in a nutshell. Usually when you see a pretty girl tied up and blindfolded one of two thoughts will pop up in your head; she’s either kidnapped and needs to be rescued, or she’s kinda kinky and likes S&M. Other than that there’s not much going on with this episode, but I plan on staying committed until I see the outcome of what Coconuts’ final decision will be. Will Hotaru’s influence convince him that running his dad’s shop is what he was born to do? Or will he stay true to the otaku in him and become a manga writer? I guess I’ll find out on our next review post.

Until next time guys, stay home, and stay nerdy! 😉

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