Candy Girl: Anime REvisited Kicks Off with Dagashi Kashi Season One!

As more stay-at-home orders continue to get issued all across North America, a lot of us are jumping online to create new content to take our minds off of what’s happening. With us our content comes in the form of a new series of anime reviews called Anime REvisited, and to kick things off for the month of April, we’ll be reviewing the whole first season of a show about candy I’d like to call Dagashi Kashi! If you’re looking for a show about Japanese candy, manga, slice-of-life, and comedy, then you’re gonna love this show! Starting next Monday April 6th through April 30th (every other day), we’ll be posting full-length episodic reviews on anime’s favorite candy-lovin’ girl, Hotoru! Hope you gotta sweet tooth, cuz’ it’s gonna be a fun ride! 😉

Anime REvisited was a little idea we were thinking about while under quarantine. It mixes dry comedy (dry sense of humor) with anime reviews as we pick apart an anime series episode by episode; from the characters to the plot itself. Hopefully fans will have a fun time reading these reviews as a way of taking their minds off of world events.

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