D&A’s Throwback Thursday: Black Magic M-66!

Well guys n’ girls it’s Thursday! That means its time to bring you another one of our Throwback Thursday anime titles from the past that you may (or may not) know. This time around we’re going back to the late 80’s when the mecha/sci-fi and cyberpunk genre was all the rage (and still is in various aspects) with an OVA entitled Black Magic M-66!

This is the part, where you run away…

Here’s what you’ll be in for if you decide to take a shot at this story:

A freelance journalist named Sybel and her cameraman named Leakey find themselves on the verge of a scoop after receiving an intercepted Military Broadband Transmission, alerting them of a chopper crash that happened in a remote forest near Center City. Events prior to that tell of two men having to evacuate the doomed aircraft after suffering some sort of attack, as two storage pods containing battle androids known as M-66 were thrown around after the crash. Both pods open as the robots begin their mission, and that mission happens to be a bounty hunting one.

After a series of events it is discovered that the M-66 androids are tasked will killing the granddaughter of Professor Matthews, with the reason behind it being that he loaded a ‘dummy’ program into the android’s system. With this information Sybel finds herself on a rescue mission to find Matthews’ granddaughter before the M-66 finds her first. She’s not alone however, as a platoon of military soldiers known as the SpecOps Forces and their ‘Major’ are out to destroy the droids as well.

This is basically a 48 minute movie filled with action, sci-fi, and cyberpunk. So if you’re an anime fan looking for some classic titles, then be sure to check this one out!

This will end it for us, but as always until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

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