Supercard Fridays: DBS Card Game (Part 2)!

Hey guys n’ gals, and welcome back to another Friday night of our newest segment we call Supercard Fridays! Last week we talked about how to play the game and what an actual battle looks like, this time around we’re going to give you a break down of the five card colors associated with the DBS Card Game; Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Black!

Red Cards: Aggro Beatdown

Red cards in the game are all about offense and taking the fight to your opponent! If you’re running a deck with red battle cards in them, when you play certain ones you’ll give the card (and all other cards as well as your leader card) a boost in power (which is mostly +5000). Other effects include the ability to play other cards based on the card’s ability without having to pay up energy, which may allow you to swarm the field and put even more pressure on your opponent.

Blue Cards: Control & Flexibility

These cards have abilities that can slow down or counteract the abilities of decks that have red cards in them. They’re also good for ramping up and un-tapping energy if you’re on the defense. These cards can also destroy an opponent’s energy thus giving you a better chance of winning the game!

Green Cards: Destruction All-Around

Having these cards in your deck will allow you to punish your opponent by potentially nuking their field of battle cards; a perfect counterattack to red card decks! The abilities you’ll get from having these cards in your deck is of course field destruction, hand destruction (meaning that they have to send cards to their graveyard or drop area), and pretty soon, deck destruction!

Yellow Cards: Strategy Killers

Nothing will wreck a strategy more than a deck filled with yellow cards. Basically they counter cards that have aggro abilities, force you to switch your battle card(s) to rest mode, and have high defense capabilities! These cards also give you the ability to draw a card depending if you’ve met the card’s conditions or not.

Black Cards: Wild Cards

These cards are wildcards, which means that most of them have a little bit of each effect from each color. The only difference with these cards is that fact that you can resurrect battle cards that have been killed in the line of duty. You can also use an ability called [Over Realm] with allows you to play a card by removing cards from your graveyard, from the game. You can only do this once, but depending on the leader you have you may be able to do this twice per turn.

That will do it for our breakdown of the five different colors found in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game, as well as another Friday night of Supercard Fridays! Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉