Supercard Fridays: Dragon Ball Super TCG!

Welcome to our first ever Supercard Fridays segment on our blog! For this segment we choose a Collectible Card Game (CCG) or Trading Card Game (TCG) and do an overview on it and show you how the game is played. This week we’re highlighting a TCG that’s only been out for a couple of years and is gaining new players every day (including ourselves). For our first ever Supercard Fridays segment, we’re highlighting the Dragon Ball Super Trading Card Game!

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game is only the latest incarnation of any DBZ trading card game. Unlike the others that came before it, this version plays in a similar fashion to Magic The Gathering (MTG for short); where you would charge your land and summon battle creatures depending on the type of land you have. The game goes in three different phases; Charge Phase, Main Phase, and End Phase.

Before the battle of course you have to place your Leader Card on the top left corner of your playmat. Normally most players would place their deck on the top right but its up to you where you want to place it (as long as it’s not on the center of the field). Before the battle starts both players have to decide which one of them goes first, so you can either flip a coin or go rock-paper-scissors to see who goes first. Then both players draw six cards, if you got a bad hand send back what you don’t want and keep what you do, then shuffle your deck and draw the amount of cards you’ve placed back into your deck. You can’t do this but once per battle so cross your fingers and hope you get a good hand.

Then you draw eight cards as they will represent your life, once your life reaches 0, the game will end and whoever has the most life left wins the battle! Instead of us explaining how an actual battle goes and all of the effects the cards can do, we’ll have the Supah Playaz show you what happens during an actual Dragon Ball Super Card Game battle! (Be sure to subscribe to their channel for the latest and greatest in all things Dragon Ball Super TCG!)

This pretty much wraps up our first ever Supercard Fridays segment for the blog, and hopefully if things go well for this segment we’ll continue to do it in the future. Not to worry however, as we’ll be testing this segment every Friday up until the last Friday in August. Until next post and next Supercard Fridays, stay nerdy my friends! 😉