Filler Post: D&A’s Top 5 Anime Characters with Fire Powers!

If you’ve seen enough anime titles within the last 20 years (depending on what age you are), then you may have noticed that a large fraction of them have special powers. For the Z Fighters of Dragon Ball Z it’s the concept of Ki energy, for Blue Exorcist it may be strong magical powers and abilities. Many of us wish we could have access to those powers in our everyday lives, but with great power comes great responsibility. (And some of us aren’t 100% aware of the kind of responsibility comes with great power.)

Out of all the special abilities we as fans wish we could have or use, Fire seems to be one of the most common of said abilities. There are many characters out there in the anime universe that use fire, but these five in particular are favorites among the anime community (as well as on this post). So here is our Top 5 anime characters who know how to turn up the heat!


Number 5: Sailor Mars

To celebrate International Women’s Day we kick off this filler post with our fifth pick, Sailor Mars. If you remember watching Sailor Moon back in the 90’s, then you already know that Sailor Mars is one of the original Sailor Scouts. Mars uses talismans that conjure up fire blasts in order to damage her enemies, just as long as her enemy isn’t water-based. Although she has a lot of fire power, we just hope she has a cool temper.


Number 4: Shana

A powerful Flame Haze from the Crimson Realm. She carries a katana that allows her to use her fire powers as a Flame Haze. She has the power to wield flames, is an ace swordswoman, and is well known throughout the realm as “The Great One”. She may be cute and moe, but don’t let that fool you. After all she is a Flame Haze.


Number 3: Roy Mustang

Ah, yes. The legendary flame alchemist of FMA as well as Brotherhood. With just a snap of his finger (like a lighter) he’ll set anything and anyone ablaze that he doesn’t like. This handsome devil does have some charm to him, and by the way ladies, he’s also a dog lover too! 🙂


Number 2: Hiei

Any Yu Yu Hakasho fans in the house? Guess what, your favorite just made it as number two on our Top 5 list! Hiei is one of the four main characters in the series, and is a fire-apparition as well as an S-Class Demon. He has incredible fire and ice resistance thanks to his nature of being a fire demon, which also means that weaker fire-based attacks won’t do any damage to him whatsoever. Aside from his fire abilities Hiei is quite durable in battle, and is also a master swordsman.


Number 1: Natsu Dragneel

No one is more on fire than this guy! Natsu Dragneel is a member of the Fairy Tail Guild who possesses Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, and has powerful abilities that allow him to use the full extent of his magic. His signature move Fire Dragon’s Roar is his go to move when it battle, followed by various other fire magic attacks each more powerful than the last. Natsu also has a rather athletic build (much like his VO), which may be the reason why the majority of his fanbase is female. Other then that, Natsu is one hot dude! (No pun intended! XP)

Who’s your favorite flame-throwing anime characters in your Top 5? Feel free to comment in our comment section below, or you can let us know on our Twitter page! Until then, stay golden anime fans! 🙂

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