D&A Special Announcement!!

Listen up guys! Starting February 5th we’ll be modifying our schedule for our weekly segments on the blog! In order to keep up our consistency with our posts, we’ll be using a Scheduled Post feature that auto-posts our posts on that days we have them scheduled. Since our Slash Saturday segment has gone on permanent hiatus, we’ll be using that day to schedule our posts for the week. The segments/posts that are going to be auto-posted include:

  • Filler Posts
  • Miscellany Monday (auto-posted bi-weekly)
  • Throwback Thursday (auto-posted bi-weekly)
  • D&A Friday’s (auto-posted bi-weekly)
  • Ani-Sunday (auto-posted bi-weekly)

By putting everything on a bi-weekly schedule, it will give us a little bit of breathing room and time to create more original content for our fans. That includes fan-fiction, original music, and more! As always, if you have any questions or comments let us know on our Contact Us page. February kicks off the second month of 2018, as well as a second month filled with anime conventions both old, and new!

Stay tuned for more filler posts and announcements coming up! 😉

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