D&A Anime Blog: Animore 2018 Recap and Upcoming Projects!

What a weekend! If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen any posts from us this past weekend, it’s because we were downtown at Animore 2018 held at the Baltimore Renaissance Hotel. Normally the event would be held at the Hyatt Regency, but due to the fact that they’re doing a long term renovation project that could take up to three months, the con had to be moved to the Renaissance hotel across the street. In spite of that we’ve had such an awesome time with both old friends and new ones!

This year we had not one, but two fans panels! The first was based off of one of our filler posts “Anime Fanservice: Beautiful Blessing, or Horrible Curse?”, while the second teaches you how to create Chiptune and EDM using a DAW known as MAGIX Music Maker Live 2016. The outcome and feedback from both panels was pretty good, and as the year goes on we’ll continue to improve on our panelist skills. Next year Animore will be back at the Hyatt Regency for it’s fourth consecutive year, and we’ll be returning with new fan panels, and the possibility of D&A’s own Donte’ J. Lewis making his Animore rave party debut as Maverick Bassline!

Speaking of which we’ll be working on two important projects regarding our music segment for the blog. They’re both ‘blog-only’ music EP’s that are being produced by Donte’ Lewis as Maverick Bassline. We wanted to offer our fans something special and something that they can enjoy that’s exclusive to the blog. We don’t have an actual release date for our projects, but we can say that it’ll happen sometime this Summer. Unfortunately we don’t have any video highlights to share with you from this con, but there’s more conventions for us coming up (including our first Universal FanCon) so we’ll be working on having more con content for you throughout the weekends that the cons are happening.

That’s all we’ve got for our updates and convention recap for now. We’ve got some new filler posts coming up as well as a few Animore 2018 pics that will be added to the Animore Cosplay Mosaic later this week! 🙂