Filler Post: The Top 5 Hair Colors You’ll See In (Almost) Every Anime!

If you’re an anime fan, either old school or new school, then you’ve probably seen a lot of characters (male and female) who don’t have the same hair color that you would see in the real world. The common colors of hair that were used to seeing is brown, black, grey (if you’re up in age), red (for redheads) and blonde. Anime is not bound to just those particular colors, in fact a large percentage of your favorite anime characters have different colors of hair to either match their overall personality, or to make them look stylish. Tonight we’re going to give you guys our Top 5 most popular hair colors that you’ll find in about 95% of the anime that you watch! As for which color is your favorite? Well, we’ll leave that up to you.


Number 5: Silver

When it comes to silver colored hair, many of us can go as far back as Inuyasha. Silver in some cases represents the color of elegance, grace, and wealth. If you take a look at titles like Rosario + Vampire and Bleach, then you’ll notice that silver-haired characters carry themselves in an elegant way, and is believed to draw out negative energies and replace them with positive ones. It’s also noted that silver haired anime characters (or live individuals) are great public speakers.


Number 4: Red

One of the most intense and emotion-fueled hair colors you’ll find in anime. Red can represent negative emotions such as rage, danger, wrath, aggression, and malice. However it can also represent courage, leadership, strength, passion, and romance. Red is also one of the most passionate and attention-grabbing colors in the color wheel, which may explain why so many anime fans (guys and girls) are attracted to red-haired anime characters.


Number 3: Blue

Ah, the most calming of colors found in a lot of your favorite anime titles. Blue represents a sense of calmness, inspiration, wisdom, and intelligence. This color can either be steadfast and strong, or it can be light and friendly depending on the shade. Darker shades bring about a sense of coldness and an uncaring spirit, while brilliant shades bring about a dramatic effect of exhilaration. Characters with lighter shades of blue, or light blue like Hatsune Miku (shown above), show a sense of trustworthiness and honesty.


Number 2: Green

This color represents a sense of rebirth, freshness, greed, energy, and growth. It can also bring us a sense of hope, good health, and adventure. There are some anime characters in certain titles whose personalities may be associated with this particular hair color. (As for who they might be, we’ll leave that up to you to decide.) Darker shades of green represent wealth, greed, and ambition, while yellowish-green shades can give off a sickly and jealous vibe. Green can also be associated with the beginning of Spring, as the winter snow melts to bring about a new beginning of life that can be found in this color.


Number 1: Pink

This is probably (in our opinion) the most popular hair color you’ll find in various anime titles! What is it about this color that makes it so popular? Perhaps pink is the color for the universal love that we have for one another, and that it represents “sugar, spice, and everything nice.” Hot pink can bring about playfulness while its lighter shade brings about communicative tenderness. It’s too bad we can’t say the same for Junko, as her pink brings nothing but death and despair to anyone that crosses her path!

There you have it, folks! Although there are a lot more hair colors in the anime world, these are just some of the ones that you’ll run into while streaming your favorites on Crunchyroll or FunimationNow. If you’re felling kind of dull and you want to put a little excitement in your life, slap your favorite hair dye on your hair and paint the town whatever color you like! 😉

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