D&A Update: 2018 Tour and a Whole Lot More!!

If you haven’t noticed it yet, the sounds of the Fall are officially in the air! With the temps getting cooler and jackets and sweatshirts becoming more numerous, there is no doubt that we’re getting close towards the end of 2017. With that in mind we’ve got some awesome announcements to share with you regarding what’s new for D&A in 2018, but first thing’s first, let’s check out what we’ve got lined up for you guys on D&A Friday’s!


If you’re on the lookout for an awesome military-action title about conspiracy threats and secret agencies, then Night Raid 1931 will be the title for you! Set in 1931 Shanghai, China a secret agency known as “Sakurai Kikan”, have been given a mission to stop the most dangerous plots and greatest threats planted by the ‘Hydra’s Teeth’. All of the members of the secret agency have abilities that far exceed the human plane; such as telepathy, ESP, and some are even clairvoyants. Even though they have these amazing powers, will it be enough to stand up against the forces of destiny? Find out by streaming this series on FunimationNow or Crunchyroll! 🙂

Well fans, we’ve read your twitter responses to our poll question on what do you want to see more of from us, and tonight we give you our answer. We’re rolling out our 2018 anime convention tour with A. Goldman and Yours Truly heading out to nine cons in five states! Our Patreon page will be launching tomorrow afternoon/evening, so if you want to see us at more anime conventions in the coming years (as well as see exclusive Behind-the-Scenes footage of our tour in 2018), help us out and donate!

D&A Anime Tour 2018 Banner

Thanks to a sudden surplus in our finances, the 16-track music playlist known as Kontrol Room will launch October 14, 2017. Each of the tracks will feature Electronic Music genres such as Dubstep, Moombahton, House, EDM Trap, and more! We’ve also got our first fan fiction entitled Danganshima making its debut on Fanfiction.net on November 3, 2017. It will be a 10-chapter seasonal fan fiction, with new seasons coming every Fall (depending on reviews). Throwback Thursday and Ani-Sunday will make their return to the blog next year, so get ready for some nostalgia and couples in love!

That’ll about do it for now update-wise, but we’ve got more great stuff coming to the blog as well as more filler posts from our Voice Actor Spotlight segment! Until next time, stay true to yourselves, and our thoughts and prayers are with both our anime fans and their families in Texas, and Florida.

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