Throwback Thursday: Slices of Life in the 70’s!

After working a long, hard, and hectic week, it’s nice to sit back and chill every once in awhile while watching/streaming some great anime titles on your PC or laptop. As for us at D&A Anime Blog, we’re glad to be back in some kind of order after the crazy work-related weekend we’ve had. Tonight we head back in time to the decade of the 70’s on this cloudy and dreary Thursday night, as we bring to you classic anime titles the way only we can! So pop open a bottle of Ramune and crack open that box of Pocky, as we take you back in time to the anime decade of the 1970’s…


If you’re looking for a classic slice-of-life anime title filled with drama and adventure, then Anne of Green Gables will be the title for you! The plot deals with a young and talkative orphan girl named Anne Shirley who is accidentally sent to Mr. and Miss Cuthbert. Although shocked at the fact that they originally wanted an orphan boy, Anne’s adopted parents took her in and gradually became a full-fledged member of the family after hearing her sad backstory. The series follows the adventures of Anne and her newfound family as she discovers what its like to have one. You can watch/stream this title on Youtube, FUNimation, Crunchyroll, or any place that has legal permission to stream this classic title.

We have some exciting upcoming news regarding our two fanfiction titles! The first two chapters of the fanfic “Danganronpa Roulette” will be posted on August 21, 2017. From there we will post a brand new chapter every Monday and Thursday night after that date. The first two chapters of our other fanfic “Junko: The Ultimate Mastermind” will be posted December 10, 2017. New chapters will be posted every Friday night each week afterwards. There are only two more stops remaining on our 2017 D&A Anime Tour, so be sure to check out the events block of our Facebook page to see which cons we’ll be heading to.

That’ll do for now. Tomorrow is Friday which brings us the return of D&A Friday’s after somewhat of a short hiatus. Slash Saturday may not bring any samurai anime titles to the forefront for awhile, but that doesn’t mean our samurai warriors won’t get inducted into the Samurai Hall of Fame! All this and Ani-Sunday too next time on D&A Anime Blog! It’s a part of you! 😉

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