Filler Post: The Pros and Cons of Anime Fandoms!

Before we start off we just wanna say that the past 72 hours have been a bit hectic for us as far as posting/answering questions from you guys is concerned. Now that things have finally started to calm down around here, lets talk about the one thing that makes the anime community awesome to be a part of; its Fandoms. As anime fans many of us have various anime titles that we ‘squeee!’ and swoon over all the time. Once a title reaches a certain power level (which will probably be over 9,000! *laughs*), it gains a big group or cluster of fans of said series thus creating its fandom.

There are hundreds of fandoms out there both big and small, that are super passionate about the very titles that they come to know and love. Anime fandoms are great because if you like anime in general or specific titles that catch your eye, its a great way to meet others who share the same love and passion for it as much as you do. However there are some fandoms that can get a bit too political to the point where it can start arguments or even cause hatred towards the fans of the overall fandom. (Even down to the point of cosplaying at conventions while representing said fandom.) So to help you understand what to look out for when it comes to anime fandoms, we’re gonna break down the pros and cons of what many people like about them, and what they don’t like about them.


PRO: You Get To Make New Friends!

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to find friends who get excited over how cute Happy looks on Fairy Tail, or how awesome Gohan was at fighting against Cell during the Cell Games in Dragon Ball Z. Anime fandoms are a great way to meet other fans who fall head-over-heels about anime overall, plus you might even get the chance to head to some anime conventions with them. If you love a certain title or the whole dang package, then find the nearest con or meetup group in your area, and socialize your booty off! 😉

CON: Embedded Hate Groups!

We’ve already shared this with you on one of our past filler posts, but there are some corners of the anime fandom world that have embedded hate groups that rip into not only the fans that love the series, but the overall creation of the series itself. The part that sucks is the fact that while every anime title may receive constructive criticism to help make it better, these hate groups will grill into the very fabric of the series itself; down to its writers, producers, voice actors (dubbed and subbed), and animators. This can be a real turn-off for newfound anime fans who are just getting started, but not to worry, because we’ve got a guild of anime fans who are fighting against the forces of evil!

PRO: Fandom Activity!

From fanart to fanfiction, there’s always something going on if you happen to be a member of your favorite title or just a fan overall. If you fanboy or fangirl over a certain character from a show, then you’re gonna find people who love them just as much as you do! Don’t be surprised if you happen to find a girlfriend or boyfriend within your anime fandom, cuz’ it just might happen…

CON: When It Begins To Take Priority Over Your Life!

Anime Fandoms are awesome, but if you’re not careful they can really take over the very fabric of your life. We know reality can be dull and boring sometimes, and that making your way into the anime (fandom) world is one of the ways that a fan can relieve stress from a hard day or work/studies. When it starts to control your life is when anime fandoms get a little dangerous, so try to discipline yourself and make sure you take care of all your ‘real world’ responsibilities first.


PRO: Fans Stick Together!

You’ll never feel left out or isolated from a conversation when it comes to the fans of an anime fandom. They’ll always want to include you in their discussions about certain episodes, characters and plot lines. Plus whenever certain individuals start to harass you about your fandom as well as your passion and love for it, the others will step in and defend you on your behalf.

CON: Not Everybody In Your Fandom is your Friend!

This can be said for any fandom, and not just anime. Just because you like/love the same show, character(s) or plot lines that another fan loves, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they share the same views that you do. If that’s the case then surround yourself with another group of fandom friends who enjoy one of your favorite series and fellowship with them.

When it comes to fandoms there are always going to be things about them you like, and things that you may not. At the end of the day however, it’s all about the overall enjoyment of being in the fandom. There are new anime fans that are looking for a fandom to join each and everyday, and it’s up to us to make them feel welcome and a part of our anime fandom family. Sure, some fandoms may be a bit crazy and dramatic than others, but we’re hoping that these pros and cons that we got here for you might have helped in some way. (There’s actually more pros and cons out there, but these were the specific ones that we had to point out.)