Filler Post: The 3 Things Every Anime Reviewer Must Do, Before Reviewing Anime!

When it comes to anime, there are various things that we as fans look out for, in may of our favorite titles that we love to watch. Some of us like ourselves a good storyline and some great character development, while others may fancy a good fight scene and some comic relief. There’s even a large percentage of us who happen to be anime bloggers (like ourselves), who make reviews on many of the anime titles that they watch on a daily basis, pretty much like ourselves!

When it comes to reviewing anime, there are a few things that every aniblogger must consider before posting their review(s) online. That’s why we’re giving fans and anibloggers three important (and critical) things that you must do before posting your anime review on your blog.


Number 1: Read, Watch, Analyze!

The first thing you must do as an anime reviewer, is to make sure you do your research! Read what the story plot is about for the anime series that you’re trying to review, then actually watch the series for yourself. Analyze the dialogue between the characters as well as their strengths and their weaknesses. Figure out what is it that they’re trying to accomplish that’s parallel to the overall plot itself. Doing this will help you when it’s time for the reviewing process. Your review will actually sound authentic, accurate, and something that will change the way how others view the same title that you (yourself) just watched.

Number 2: Be The “Middle Man”!

During the reviewing process, make sure that you weigh out the pros and cons about the anime title that you watched. Don’t point out all the flaws in your title, because then it’ll just turn into a rant instead of an actual review. Give a brief summary of what the series is about before getting into your review, that way it’ll give people who haven’t seen the anime title that you’re reviewing, a chance to watch it for themselves.

Number 3: Review The Series From Both Sides!

Allow us to explain what we mean by reviewing an anime title from ‘both sides’. Almost all of the anime that we watch is based off its manga, of course there is the exception that there are some manga that are based off the anime. (Danganronpa: The Animation?) This one is optional, but it will even out the playing field of anime vs. manga. You can do both reviews and then top it off with a similarities and differences review, that way it’ll make both sides of the fandom happy, and shows that you’ve covered the series from both angles.

Doing these three important things before reviewing your anime title, will broaden the horizon of certain fans who can only assume that a series is going to be good or bad, just by watching the first episode. Not only that but we must also see the series from the creator’s point of view; what was the message that they were trying to convey or get out from their title? Naruto’s message was quite simple; keep believing and never give up on your dreams no matter how tough the road is! Danganronpa’s was to never give into despair, and that hope will always find a way to shine through!

There are some titles that give out a good message, and there are some that are ‘just for laughs’. By keeping all of this in mind when writing anime reviews, it will boost the antithetical credits of an anime reviewer who knows their stuff like the back of their own hand. Believe it! 🙂