D&A Friday’s: A Night Filled With Superheroes and Cat Demons!

So it’s Friday night yet again, and here we are doing what we do best as D&A Anime Blog! After the crazy weekend we had last week it does our hearts proud to get back into the swing of things. Tonight we’ve got the usual serving of great anime titles and awesome manga, so without further ado, let us begin!


Tonight we’ve got a fan favorite among anime and superhero fans known as My Hero Academia! The story deals with Izuku Midoriya who is a middle school student who wants to be a hero among a society where everyone has superpowers known as “Quirks”. Due to the fact that he doesn’t have a quirk he becomes a target of bullying by the others until he one day saved his childhood bully from a villain. After performing that heroic deed Izuku was recognized by the world’s greatest Hero, All Might as he bestowed his quirk upon him. Now with his newfound superpowers Izuku enrolls into the academy for superheroes in training, to continue following his dream of becoming a great hero. The first and second seasons of this anime series are now on FUNimation and Crunchyroll, so be sure to head there and stream them if you haven’t gotten that chance to see this title yet! 🙂

Our Manga of the Week known as Cat Paradise follows Yumi and her pet cat, Kansuke as the two enroll into Matabi Academy, a place where cats are allowed to live in the dorms with their masters. Not long afterwards they soon get dragged into an age-old battle against Kaen, a demon feline who wants nothing more than to destroy the world. He was once sealed by Princess Kiri and her cat, Shirayuki a long time ago, but has been fully sealed inside the academy itself; threatening to return to finish what he started 100 years ago. Yumi and Kansuke have been chosen as one of the student-cat pairs to help stop the threat of the ancient cat demon and his minions, but do they and the rest of the student council have what it takes to win? You’ll have to read the manga and find out!

If you’ve been on our Twitter page recently, then you might have seen the #SoDangerous hashtag with a picture of the Ultimate Despair, Junko Enoshima. That my anime friends, is going to be an original song title for our first ever Danganronpa AMV which will be produced by Groundzkontrol (Yours Truly, D.J. Lewis). We don’t have any future dates posted as to when that AMV will drop, but we’ll keep you in the loop for updates later on this year and possibly next.

Until then, stay gold! 🙂