Filler Post: D&A’s Top 5 Gothic Lolitas in Anime!

What is it about these anime characters that attracts us them? Could it be that they carry themselves in a way that the allure of their royal individuality reels us in like a freshly caught trout? Maybe some of us like the ‘dark and mysterious’ types, and maybe you yourself might have gone through the Lolita phase some time in your high school years. Not all of them are the same however; some of them (like a certain Lolita angel) are pretty fun to talk to and party with, while others tend to carry themselves in more of a leadership position. The five that we’ve got here for you tonight come from all walks of life, and somehow ended up down the same path to the world of Gothic Lolitas.


Number 5: Celestia Ludenburg (Dangaronpa: The Animation)

She’s known in Hope’s Peak Academy as the Ultimate Gambler (aka The Queen of Lies). She has a habit of ranking people based on their personalities, her tolerance of them, and how useful they are in society. The lowest ranking is “F”; which means that person doesn’t even deserve to breathe the same air as her, however if Celes gives a person a rank higher than a “D”, she might actually find that person’s time more worth while.

Her ultimate goal is to own her own European castle and dress up all of her servants as vampires that cater to her every whim. However that dream was cut short during her class trial, causing her to be executed in a ‘Salem-Witch-Trials-kinda-way’ by Monokuma for the murders of Ishimaru and Yamada.


Number 4: Sakuya Tsukumo (Absolute Duo)

Also known as ‘Blaze Diabolical’, Sakuya is the chairman of Kouyou Academy who is also the school’s Genetic engineer that takes part in the school research. In the series she carries an ominous aura that makes her come off as a villain, but in fact is actually both sadistic and heartless while calm at the same time. (Something that she and Celestia might have in common perhaps.)


Number 3: Ruri Gokou (Oreimo / My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute)

There are some Lolitas that are smarter than the average person, and there are some that happen to be ‘Closet Otaku’ who don’t want the people of the “Real World” to know about their obsession. Our number three Gothic Lolita is a prime example of both of these characteristics – except for the fact that she’s an actual otaku who has a hatred for the mortal world. Ruri loves to wear Gothic Lolita clothing (even during hot days) and favors fantasy anime over cute anime that her friend Kirino likes, thus causing clashes between them due to the fact that they like different genres of anime.


Number 2: Stocking Anarchy (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt)

Now who could forget this lovely sort-of-angelic Lolita? As the youngest and cutest of the Anarchy Sisters, Stocking is more level headed than her sister and somewhat tolerant of Garterbelt. (Although we’re only assuming this to be the case.) She a little more skilled in her weaponry than Panty is, and can do some high ranked tricks with her swords; such as turning them into a helicopter. Nearly all of her attire is Gothic Lolita inspired, and has an obsession for sweets that will make any bakery tremble in fear.


And finally Number 1: Evangeline A.K. McDowell (Negima!)

The Dark Evangel herself! Not only is she a Gothic Lolita, but she’s also an evil mage in her own right as well as a true-blooded vampire. She was forced to stay within school grounds thanks to Negi’s father’s ‘School Curse’ spell, and the only way to break it was to drain enough blood from Negi himself to gain enough power to break the spell on her own. In spite of the fact that she lost during their ‘final battle’, Eva proves her might as a powerful sorceress through her and Chachamaru’s battle with the ancient demon Lord Sakuna during the Kyoto trip. She is also the founder of a group of immortals known as UQ Holder – the follow up to the Mahoru Sensei Negima! Manga.

There you have it anime fans! We’re pretty sure that there’s more Gothic Lolitas out there in the anime world, but one thing’s for sure, their allure will always be mysterious in various ways.

3 thoughts on “Filler Post: D&A’s Top 5 Gothic Lolitas in Anime!

  1. ” Maybe some of us like the ‘dark and mysterious’ types”
    Pretty much with me and why I like the gothic lolita archetype. Good list dude also good shit with Stocking as #2!


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