Friday Nights are for Anime and Manga Fans!

At least Friday nights on D&A Anime Blog are! Hard to believe that just last week we were decked out in our signature cosplay for Zenkaikon in Lancaster, PA. Now we’re back here to give you guys (the fans) just what you’ve been looking for; some awesome anime, OVA, and manga titles to check out on the blog! If you’re familiar with a show called And You Thought there was never a girl Online, then you’re going to love How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend.

Looking for a classic space opera about two warring factions that have the same goals but different views and ideas on how to accomplish said goals? Then look no further friends, cuz’ we’ve got an anime OVA title called Legend of the Galactic Heroes for you to check out and stream! We’re not one to leave Manga of the Week hanging by the wayside, so we’ve decided to pick it back up with a manga title known as The Candidate for Goddess. (Be sure to check it out if you’ve never got the chance to read it yet.)

Now onto some update news regarding the blog/site. Thanks to a financial blessing we might actually be able to launch our music playlist page known as November Groundz: Kontrol Room, as early as mid-July of this year. The page will contain a track list of all the original songs (produced by Yours Truly as November Groundz) that will be a part of the playlist title called Kontrol Room. Among that is a new blog page dedicated to all the anime couples out there named Anime Couple of the Week, which will make its debut in June on our Miscellany Monday drop down menu. Plus, more anime conventions for the month of May are coming to the blog, so be sure to check in on our Cons Near U page to see which anime conventions are within your region or area!

That’s it for now. Come back for our Slash Saturday segment as we get ready for another wild weekend of Toonami, Samurai Jack, and all the anime that you can handle! 🙂

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