Filler Page: 18 Month Anniversary Plans…

It’s kind of hard to believe that the 2017 year is almost half over. It feels just like yesterday that my partner and I started this awesome blog that has grown into the wonderful site that it is today, and we can’t thank our fans and social media followers enough for all the support. With that being said we’ve got some new plans and concepts for what we’re going to be doing for the blog on our 18 month anniversary, which is on June 11th of this year.

So you guys might be asking yourselves, “What’s next for D&A Anime Blog?” well guys, we’re about to tell you! Starting on the second Monday in June, we’re bringing you a brand new sub-page that will be added to the Miscellany Monday drop down menu called Anime Couple of the Week! For that segment we’ll be combing the web for some of the coolest, hottest, and most badass couples in anime (male, female, or both). We’ll also be working on getting an official domain for our site as well as establish a newsletter system, so that we can enhance our fan’s experience with the blog.

If we reach 10,000 or more views on our blog, then we’ll post a special s 10,000 WordPress Views video on our YouTube page. Many of our fans have been asking (begging) us to get an Instagram page, so not to worry guys, we’ll be getting an Instagram page soon enough! We’ve got more new features and updates that will be making their way to the blog within the coming months, so be sure to check in every so often to see what’s on the up-and-up.

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