Danganronpa: Hope & Despair from D.J. Lewis’ Point of View!

Surprisingly, I didn’t find out about this anime title until last year. While I was writing a review for it I suddenly found myself going on Youtube, and watching the whole first season of it. Before I get into the reason as to why I’m writing this filler post, I want to personally congratulate all the voice actors and staff that worked on this title! Especially FUNimation’s favorite redhead, Jamie Marchi! (You slayed it as Junko! ^.^)


Now onto the reason for this post. Each and every one of us goes through life dealing with its high’s and low’s, ups and downs, good days and bad days. After watching the first season of Danganronpa from 2:30 to 6:45 in the morning (on a day that I didn’t have to work, thank goodness…), it got me thinking about the whole concept of hope and despair. If you’ve seen the news just recently you’ll know that just last week there was a terrible explosion that happened just after a music concert in Manchester, London. (That was later claimed by ISIS.) My heart goes out to the ones who survived, and to the families of the ones whose lives were taken from them.

When I think of despair, I think about terrorism, crime, anarchy, tragedy, depression, and all of the other nasty things that make us cry, go insane, causes our mental state to deteriorate, and breaks our hearts. Despair has no color, race, or prejudice. It’s the very thing that brings chaos and confusion to our lives without a moment’s notice. Despair can even hold us back from doing and achieving anything we set our minds to; from haters, doubters, and people who just want to see you fail. I guess this is what Hope’s Peak Academy felt like for Mokoto Naegi after looking at the DVD that Monokuma gave him; with him seeing his family in danger right before his own eyes and not being anywhere near them to save them.

Throughout the whole first season Naegi and the rest of his classmates played a murderous game of despair, while trying to figure out why Monokuma did this and what his true intent for this killing game was. It wasn’t until the thirteenth episode that I really got into (and analyzed) the show. If despair can spread like the plague, then hope can do the exact same thing!


Hope is more than just having a feeling and inkling that everything’s going to be okay. Hope is a state of mind, a state of calmness, and a state of courage and determination. Combined with all of those things as well as FAITH and PRAYER, hope can lead you to places that you thought you’d never be. Sure, things may be a little rocky right now, and the future of the country may be just a little bit uncertain for many of us (including minorities and those who are of the LGBT community), but if there’s one thing I can tell you from writing this filler post, it’s this:

God never gave us the spirit of fear.

Despair will only win if we allow it to. Despair can take away any hope that you may have for the future if you let it. We live in a time right now where we need hope the most, and that’s the message I got from watching Danganronpa. If you guys ever get a chance, google up “Never Say Never” and listen to the whole track. Trust me, you’ll look at the series that much differently than you did before.

Faith, prayer, and hope can get you through anything life can throw at you. Naegi understood this fully after what Kirigiri told him, after helping her avoid feeling despair through Junko’s words about her father (whom she killed). The one thing despair hates more than anything, is hope.

So to all of my anime fans, continue to have hope in your hearts through these times that we’re going through. Live more, laugh more, love your family and friends more. Continue to support the industry that you love, and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything! Remember, prayer changes things, hope opens doors, and faith keeps you going. Never, say never! 😉