D&A 404 – We Had Our first Brain Fart…

If you’re an anime/manga blogger like us its safe to say that you’re bound to have one of those days, where you’re trying to get something going review wise but nothing seems like it wants to come out. This my anime and manga fans, is our first brain fart…

Brain farts are those kind of things that usually happen just after you have a great week or month of reviewing popular anime series, or classic manga. This one (on our end) unfortunately just had to happen right before Toonami. There is one good thing that came out of this; we were able to review our title pick for our Samurai Anime of the Week, so if you’re on the lookout for a martial arts anime title, then check out the series known as Shura no Mon (Shura no Toki).

Aside from our little 404 brain fart issue, we’re proud to announce that we officially have reached over 500 Twitter followers! We at D&A want to thank you guys for helping us reach this monumental goal, and hopefully we’ll reach the big 1K follower count before our two year anniversary, which will happen January 11, 2018! Next month we’ll post our first official D&A 411 segment on our YouTube page for you guys to enjoy, plus we’ve also got some other fun and exciting news and updates to share with you within the coming weeks/months. We hope you guys aren’t too disappointed in us due to our brain fart, but next Saturday we should be back on track giving you what you want! 😉

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