The Last Snack of the Year! Miscellany Monday Closes Out The 2016 Year!!

Don’t worry, this is just the last Miscellany Monday segment of 2016. Well guys, we’ve finally made through yet another year, with all the crazy stuff that’s been goin’ on from the election to the hustle n’ bustle of the holidays. Tonight we bring you some sweet treats from our Talkin’ Snack! section, as well as another lesser known anime title for you to enjoy. With January coming up we’ve got some new anime conventions coming up on our Cons Near U page; which will be posted next week!

Coming up later this week of course is our final Throwback Thursday and D&A Friday segments of 2016. Plus, we’ve got an end of the year announcement to share with you that will be posted on our youtube page on Friday December 30th! Stay tuned! 😉

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