Our New Year’s Resolution: Big Plans are Coming for 2017!!

With Christmas and New Years only two weeks away, we at D&A Anime Blog gotta say that it’s been quite a nice ride for our first year! We can’t thank you (the fans) enough for all the positive feedback about the blog and our segments, that we’ve been getting. As you know; we’re kicking off our miniature anime convention tour starting January, 13 2017 at Animore in Baltimore, MD. Of course that’s not all we have planned…

To celebrate our one year anniversary we’re unleashing a new page on the blog that’s sure to get you drenched in nostalgia! That page will make its mark on January 11th. We’re also going to have an age range limit on the blog for certain drop-down menus starting Monday December 19, 2016. That limit being between 14 and 65.

New video content will be coming to our youtube page in the form of AMVs, and vlogs of our tour to different anime conventions. In 2018 we’ll be rolling out the red carpet for our newest music section; Groundz Playlist, featuring original mixes produced by D&A’s founder (D.J. Lewis aka Spinmaster Groundz). There’s so much awesome stuff coming to D&A that we’ve only covered half of it, but now you know where we plan on going for the new year. So to all the anime and manga fans out there, thank you! We love you! And here’s to what’s ahead for us in 2017!! 🙂