WE’RE OVER 5,000 Views!!!

It’s official; we have now crossed the 5,000 view threshold and we have you guys (the fans) to thank! We’re so excited about what 2017 will bring, as we countdown the last 27 days of 2016. January 11th will mark our One Year Anniversary; and we’ve gotta say, who would have thought we would make it all the way through an entire year. 2016 has been a fun ride for A. Goldman and Yours Truly, but we’re just getting started!

We’ll be posting a special announcement on our youtube page next week about the future plans for D&A Anime Blog, and what will happen if we reach 10,000 views. We’re sorry we had to postpone our Slash Saturday segment tonight, but don’t worry – for it will return next Saturday night! Until then we thank you for supporting us, and stay true my fellow otaku! 😉