Throwback Thursday is Retro Thursday! The Return of 60’s Anime Classics!!

Welcome to yet another installment of D&A’s Throwback Thursday! Tonight we return to the anime classics of the 60’s, that have paved the way for all the genres and titles that soon followed. If you’re looking for a title filled with drama and paranoia during the Edo-period of Japan, then check out a little series known as Kamui the Ninja! Tomorrow night we’ve got some great anime and manga titles for you to watch (and read) during the Christmas holiday. Saturday night we paint the snow red, as samurai of the Edo (and Sengoku) era return to make their mark on Slash Saturday!

On December 31 we’ll be posting a special end of the year message to our fans about what’s coming to the blog in 2017, updates on our anime convention tour, and our one year anniversary surprise that we want to give to you (the fans)! It’s been a wonderful year for us and we’re gonna do it all over again next year!! 🙂