Farewell 2016!! D&A Returns For 2017!!

There are so many words that can describe how this 2016 year has been for us, but one single word that sticks out like a sore thumb, is “interesting”. Whether good or bad this year has been quite interesting for many of us, however we at D&A love and appreciate all of the love and support that we’ve been getting from you guys for the blog. We’ve posted a special end of the year message on our youtube page, so be sure to check it out to see all the awesome new features we plan on adding in 2017! Our mini anime convention tour kicks off January 13th at Animore 2017 in Baltimore, so if you want to know where the rest of our stops will be, check em’ out on our Con Appearances page.

Stating January 6th we’ll be implementing an Age Rating for our Anime of the Week titles. (Though nowadays half of the shows we watch are between TV-14 and TV-MA.) We’ll also be doing the same for Miscellany Monday’s Anime of the Day, and Slash Saturday’s Samurai Anime of the Week. With all that being said both A. Goldman and Yours Truly thank you (the fans) from the bottom of our hearts for making our debut year, a part of you! 🙂