D&A Studios Recap (3.14.22)!

Yep, its Monday again. Whatever fun you had over the weekend has now ended; and now its time to return to the reality of bills, family headaches, and high gas prices. Sure, we’re feeling it over here too, but producing podcast episodes and other content has helped to offset some of that stress. Last week we finally achieved our goal of reaching 1000 subscribers on our D&A Studios Youtube page, and even dedicated a special podcast episode (or Nerdz of the Decade Episode 23 1/2) to our milestone. The 24th episode of our podcast will drop this Wednesday; as we talk about the visual beauty behind many of your favorite anime openings. That will wrap up our recap post this week, and as always…stay nerdy! 😉

Our 1000 Subscriber Special!
Next Time On Nerdz of the Decade…

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