Avidd Music Thursdays! (Yeah, Its On Thursday!)

Hey guys n’ gals! Its time for our first “Avidd Music Thursdays” post for 2022; and just like the title says we’re doing this segment on a Thursday instead of a Friday. (Because we do our podcast shoot on Fridays.) If you didn’t already know; this segment is where we highlight up-and-coming musical artists, DJs, and producers. Although this segment isn’t entirely anime-related, some of the artists have been inspired by anime. (So that counts for something, right?)

So to kick off our first Avidd Music Thursdays highlight post, we bring you something that can be seen as visually appealing by the way the music compliments the story being told. The song is entitled “A Serpent’s Lust” by the Antwerp-based band known as The Golden Glows, and it is a short anime-film by Japanese video-artist Shunsaku Matsurida. This song is from their upcoming album “On Moonlight and Rain” that will be released April 1, 2022 on all music streaming services. The mood and vibe of the song and the video animation has a dark, ominous, and ghastly feeling to it; which makes sense due to the title of the band’s album being inspired by the 1776 Japanese Ghost Book “Tales On Moonlight and Rain”, written by Ueda Akinari.

The Golden Glows album drops April 1st on all popular music streaming services so if you like their video, be sure to subscribe to their Youtube channel and pre-order their album. On that note that will do it for our Avidd Music Thursdays post this week, so until the next one…stay nerdy my friends! 😉

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