A Founder’s Review with D.J. Lewis: Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 4!

Hey there! It appears that I’ve been summoned to give you another episode review from Fena: Pirate Princess. If that’s the case, then I’ll go ahead and do just that for you guys. Fena and the crew continue their voyage on the path to finding out the mystery of the stone; which is the name of the title of this episode. Anyway, let’s go!

Fena and the crew are out at sea looking for the island of “Adenopenstein” as Kaede called it (even though that’s not the real name, but I can’t spell or pronounce it either so we’re just gonna call it what Kaede called it). While inside Fena had just finished treating Yukimaru’s wounds and stated that she’ll do everything she can to be more useful to the team. Yukimaru’s response to that was pretty much a “Hell no, you almost got me killed!” type of response, while she argued that no matter how opposed he was to this decision, that Fena was GOING to be useful to the crew!

Later on Shiton joined Fena on the deck of the ship as she asked if he would train her on how to use a weapon. Shiton handed her his bow and arrow, but just like before, she sucked at it. She then asked other members of the crew to train her on how to use a weapon, but they all declined in comedic fashion. Eventually the crew came around and helped train Fena on how to use a sword and gun (thanks to Shiton), although the training sessions were brutal. (Hopefully Fena will get better at combat in later episodes…hopefully.)

After a day or two the crew finally makes it to “Adenopenstein” (as Kaede called it) as Fena asks the locals if they know anything about the stone. Although it appeared as they weren’t getting the answer they were looking for, a woman named Arya appeared and introduced herself to Yukimaru and the others. She saw the stone and told them that she might know of a person in the village that can help, and that person turned out to be her father; the Berger mister of the village. While on the hike it looked as if Yukimaru was getting a little too chatty with Arya thanks to the twins reading too much into the conversation taking place, and leaving Fena to think that Arya might be hitting on Yukimaru. (And she was starting to believe it thanks to the twins.)

Arya’s father took a look at the stone and it appeared that it was made in the village, but something about it seemed strange. Although it appeared that it was carved in the village, it was commissioned by someone else; someone who was killed five years after the inscribed date of the stone. By the end of the episode Fena told Yukimaru that the person Arya’s father was referring to, she was called that name before…

So it looks like we’re given more information about the stone, and based on the plot progression of the story, this piece of info will play a big part later on in the series. Could there be a connection between Fena and the person Arya’s father mentioned while in “Adenopenstein” (as Kaede called it)? Guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it!

Anyway that’s it for my review on this episode, until next time, stay nerdy! 😉

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