A Founder’s Review with D.J. Lewis: Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 5!

Okay, the time has come for me to give you another episode review from Fena: Pirate Princess. After watching this episode first hand, it appears that the secret of the glass stone has finally been revealed. Now that that revelation has come to pass, what will that mean for Fena and the crew?

So it looks like as the episode kicks off I (the viewer) discover that Yukihisa and Kei are talking about a witch’s spell placed on Yukimaru, but knowing how these types of situations go down, I (the viewer) don’t find out until the last three episodes of the series. The voyage continues with Fena and the crew as she focuses on the map given to her by the Berger mister after leaving the place that I cannot even pronounce the name to. They eventually end up going to another island full of various holes and pathways leading to some kind of underground mine, but sadly they’re not alone, for another crew of pirates (the same ones from Bar-Barel) followed close behind them.

Other than Karin getting spooked and pissed off at Enju for spooking her inside the mine, the rest of the episode gets a little more serious. As they get deep into the mine Fena starts acting a little strange; as if she’s been in the area before, causing Yukimaru to become curious and confused at the same time. The crew reaches a vast area where just in the middle of it was what looked to be the area where the glass brick fits right in. After that the crew discovers that the little scratches were actually coordinates to another location which was later revealed to be El Dorado, however by the time they figured that out, the other pirates showed up and held Fena hostage while taking the coordinates for themselves.

As a way to add insult to injury, they took several boxes of explosives and used them to blow up the only way in and out of the cavern. By the end of the episode Tsubaki was still on the ship not knowing what happened…

Looks like the fun and games are over for the moment as the plot is starting to pick up. Though we now know what the clear stone was used for, there’s still so much we don’t know about Fena; or why the other pirates kidnapped her and are on their way to El Dorado. Guess we’ll find all of that out on the next episode.

Until then, stay nerdy my friends. 😉 

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