Anime REvisited: And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 9!

Well guys, we’re back with another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick that you already know as; And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online! This particular episode is pretty much a girl’s trip episode, so this review won’t be too long.

As the episode opens up Kyo, Ako, Akane, and Nanako are at Kyo’s mansion as Summer break finishes up with them having to work on their homework while at the mansion. One of Kyo’s maids gives the other girls a tour of her home before Nanako discovers a hidden room – which happens to be Kyo’s room (with multiple computer monitors). While the other girls continue their studies Ako tells them that she has to use the lil’ girl’s room, even though Ako and Akane don’t trust her any farther than they can throw her. Nanako (Seti) accompanies Ako to make sure she doesn’t take off as the two of them end up in the hallway. Ako being Ako (of course) wanders into a hidden room and discovers a treasure chest; however what was inside of it wasn’t treasure, but in fact a photo album of Kyo’s childhood – which caught the attention of Kyo’s maids.

After Ako’s shenanigans followed be a couple more from her at the dinner table, the girls head off to a private bath for the evening. From there the usual conversations take place; such as what type of girl Hideki likes and so on. This of course causes Ako to take it one step further and call Hideki (Rusian) via Face Time; which was NOT a good idea according to Kyo and Akane. After a game of phone tag Ako threw the phone to Seti as the ended the call – which never really happened cuz’ Hideki didn’t pick up.

Later that night Kyo and the others were in a bed made for four people as she was happy that the other three girls were the first guests to be over for a sleep over. Nanako asked Ako what her relationship is like with Rusian (Hideki) but after a little ‘explaining’ the other three were (for lack of a better word)…shocked…?! To Ako; if Rusian cheated on her in the game, it would be like cheating on her in real life. (How the hell does that make any sense?!)

By the end of the episode; all four girls end up rushing over to Rusian in order to ask for his advice on how to deal with the bomb Ako just dropped on them, about her and Rusian’s in-game marriage. That is how the episode ends…

So that will do it for this episode review, but as always there is much more to come! Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

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